Cheers for Cheer

Cheers for Cheer’s main aim is to help raise money and awareness for projects in South America, Africa and here in the UK, using influencers in the hospitality industry, the power of social media and socialising to raise funds to support communities. Cheers for Cheer is the peoples charity and strives to help lesser known causes supported by other charities.

To kick start our fund-raising this Christmas we will be spreading cheer and giving 20p to the charity for every Christmas dinner sold and donating 10p for every Christmas cocktail we sell. The Christmas cocktails are fresh out of the cocktail lab and will be unveiled very soon. Watch this space!

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Step 1

Grab a drink, wear a smile and take a picture #cheersforcheer

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Step 2

Donate the cost of the drink in your hand using the donation page

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Step 3

Have a great night knowing that you have provided happiness to others

Celebrate Christmas